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Q: What should I do when my lights go out?

A: If just one light has gone out then it could just be the bulb has blown.  If its more than one light but again in just one room then its more likely a problem with the switch or the wiring.  If it's a dimmer switch then it could be faulty.  It is worth checking that nothing has tripped on the consumer unit.


Q:  What should I do if my sockets have gone off?


A: This will depend on whether it is just the sockets or some lights as well.  You need to check your consumer unit to see if anything has tripped.  Modern consumer units have devices called RCD's which if they trip can stop multiple things working around the home.  MCB's on the other hand will only cause just the sockets or just the lights to stop working.  RCD's can generally be identified as they include a test switch and they are wider than an MCB.  If the RCD has tripped you should try turning off the MCB's to the left or right of it (depending on the manufacturer of the consumer unit) and then reset the RCD.  If it trips again you will need to call an electrician.  If it stays on, then switch on each MCB one at a time unitl the RCD trips again. You have now identified the faulty circuit.  In most cases if its the socket circuit it will be something plugged in.  Unplug all items on the faulty circuit and try to reset the RCD. If it stays on, go round and plug items back in, when the RCD trips again you have identified the faulty item.  If you are not confident in the above we recommend you call an electrican.


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