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We have completed the Electric Vehicle Charging training course which allows us to install all Electric Vehicle Chargepoints.  We are OZEV approved for the installation of Smart  chargers however we are no longer installing chargers under the grant scheme due to the long delays with payment and the number of rejections for quite minor administrative errors which involve time consuming paperwork for which we receive nothing. The grant is a benefit to the consumer and yet we as the installer must deal with the claim and all that is associated with it.


If you are not looking to take advantage of the grant then we can install charger units from all manufacturers at competitive rates.  Most of the models we now install include O-PEN technology so there is no need to install an earth rod and most are available with load management to allow connection to all sizes and ages of electrical installation.  ALL EV charging points should be notified to the Electricity Supplier in the area you live, in some cases permission is required from them BEFORE installation can take place.  We know of many electricians who are installing EV chargers who are unaware of these requirements.  The installation of an EV charger requires a new circuit to be added which requires notification under Part P of the Building Regulations which we are also able to complete on your behalf.

Sync-EV - 

This is our preferred smart charger unit which is an OZEV approved smart charger. The smallest unit in the world!  It has all the required protection built in so no unsightly earth rods or extra equipment required. It is available as an un-tethered or tethered unit and is now available in both black and white to blend in with the external appearance of your property. .  It is available with a CT clamp to monitor the load used by your property which 

will adjust the charge rate to suit your incoming supply. This means we can in most cases install a 32amp (7.4kW) charger without seeking permission from the Network Operator first, providing your supply meets minimum safety criteria.  Wi-Fi enabled and Sim card enabled if required.

Pod Point - Solo Home Charger

We've teamed up with Pod Point - the industry experts on electric vehicle charging - to offer you the latest in smart home charging technology.


We are an official OZEV and Pod Point approved home charger installer. 


 Pod Points Solo Home Charger is fast, smart & Wi-Fi enabled.


  • The 7kW Pod Point Solo charges your vehicle up to 3x faster than a standard 3-pin plug.
  • Available with either a universal socket or tethered Type 2 cable, the Solo is compatible with all plug-in vehicles.
  • The Solo pairs with the Pod point App (IOS & Android devices) via Wi-Fi, so you can view all your charging activity and associated costs on your smartphone.
  • The Wi-Fi connection also enables remote support and over-the-air software updates that can enhance the performance of your chargepoint.
  • Includes automatic power balancing (Load balancing) so you can charge your car in harmony with your home.
  • Complete with a 3-year warranty when installed by a Pod Point certified domestic installer (Like us), so you don't have to worry.

Fast, Smart & Available Now



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